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He’s not the practical type, let’s say. The other day, he tried opening a bottle with his iPhone; now he can’t turn off its speakerphone. He loves Game of Thrones, but he doesn’t know how to record it on his TV, so he watches it live every Sunday. There’s something of the eccentric about him, the scatterbrained professor, away in his thoughts.

Esquire UK Magazine about Robert Pattinson, on their September 2014 issue.

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all-things-ncis-la asked:

Marty Deeks!

U r bae. Gracias por la pregunta!

Why I like them: because he’s adorable and hilarious but still all soft and mushy on the inside

Why I don’t: uhhhhhh?

Favorite episode (scene if movie): oh gosh it’s a toughie… If I had to name just one I’d say Personal though

Favorite season/movie: two… Threes a close second though

Favorite quote: “I’m just breaking hearts and saving lives”

Favorite outfit: those fitted v necks with a butt hugging pair of jeans can always get it

OTP: Densi

Brotp: Eric

Head Canon: Deeks and Eric actually bonded over their beach bum surfin love and catch the waves together before coming into osp and their bro time gradually extended to catching beers sometimes after work and seeing movies together and talking about their respective lady probs

Unpopular opinion: those soft smiles he keeps giving Kensi of late (during their mushy moments) are not adorable but actually really weird

A wish: more scenarios that require him to be shirtless, some good plot lines for him, better writing

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: basically anyone on the team bashing his self worth

5 words to best describe them: goofy, charming, sexy, loyal, loving

My nickname for them: deeks/ bae/ the d

Thanks friend!!